Environmental zones are probably here to stay, so we make every effort to meet the new environmental zone requirements in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, Aarhus, Aalborg, Odense and other major cities in Europe.


Environmental zones come into force on different dates and there are different requirements for buses. Municipalities take decisions individually in this field.


Several other countries, i.e. Sweden, Germany, and Italy have also created regulations with regard to environmental zones. However, different regulations are valid here.


Nevertheless, we hope that common European rules in this area will come into force, so that there are rules for all operators that operate in environmental zones.


We are pleased that an effort is being made towards the environment; however, we would have liked a solution that is applicable throughout Europe.


Naturally this leads to extra costs and from 1 March 2010 an environmental tax in the amount of 2% has been added to all our journeys.

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