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Welcome to Roskilde Turistfart and Rejsebureau (Roskilde Tourist Transport and Travel Agency).


We are a small bus company with ten tourist buses that operate both in the local market and abroad. We are always aiming to live up to the customers' wishes and needs.


Roskilde Turistfart and Rejsebureau (Roskilde Tourist Transport and Travel Agency) has many loyal clients whom we have worked for for many years, i.e. Vitus Rejser, Danish Sports Travel, Metalskolen Jørlunde, Gymnastikefterskolen Stevns, Flixbus, Ski-gruppen, Vallensbæk Church, Ældresagen, V.O.S., ScanEast Tours etc.


It is possible to get individual tours and travels, and of course we are registered with the Travel Guarantee Fund. The Travel Agency sells its own holidays and Vitus Rejser.



The first bus is purchased and Lars Rasmussen starts his road haulage business Køge Bugt Rejser in 1998, shortly after having been on a "haulage course" with Danske Busvognmænd (Danish Bus Operators).


The son

It is not entirely new for Lars to work with buses as his parents, Sonja and Viktor, started their business Vallensbæk Turistfart in 1969. Lars was employed as a driver with his parents in 1992 and drove a lot for Vitus Rejserand on countless ski-trips to Hemsedal in Norway.



Lars Rasmussen buys Faxe Turistfart from Hans Larsen from Lyderslev. A bus and many good clients are included in this deal.



Lars Rasmussen buys Andersens Bustrafik in Roskilde from Kim Hansen. A bus and the office in Bredgade are included in this deal. Shortly after this, the office is renovated and the name is changed to Roskilde Turistfart & Rejsebureau.



After many years in the travel industry, Anja is coming “home” to the office in Karlslunde. Anja has worked for companies like Spies Rejser, Alletiders Rejser and Vitus Rejser. She is presently involved in creating tour/travel itineraries for groups and associations, along with our small catalogue.



Vallensbæk Turistfart is becoming part of the company, as Sonja and Viktor have chosen to retire. However, they are still active within the company. A great number of good and loyal customers are following us.


It is 10 years since we took over the office in Bredgade and Andersens Bustrafik’s bus. The 10-year anniversary was celebrated with an excursion to the restaurant “De Hvide Svaner” at Karrebæksminde with entertainment by Dario Campeotto and Klaus & Karin from “tip et hit” in the company of 225 happy guests.
As a new initiative, an agreement was signed with Flixbus about regular departures for Jutland five times a week. A new bus was acquired for the purpose.
On 1 April it was 50 years since Vallensbæk Turistfart opened its doors for the first time. The anniversary was celebrated with a reception at Korporalskroen.



The business has ten buses with 16 to 83 seats, all environmentally approved for transport services in Copenhagen and other European cities.

The office is moved to Snedkergangen in Karlslunde.


Top picture: Lars, Anja and Holger the Dog.

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